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Market access for Japan can involve many uncertainties. Cultural differences and communication barriers often pose a great challenge.

It is crucial to have a reliable overview of Japanese regulations, quality and safety standards in order to understand the relevant certification process needed to bring products to the Japanese market.

The certification process in turn presents its own hurdles. Documents must be thorough and error-free. Factory inspections and product tests must be carefully planned and executed to avoid additional costs and to meet deadlines. Even after certification, it is important to be constantly informed about developments and changes in Japanese standards in order to be able to react to maintain compliance.

Experienced support is the best way to reach your certification goal. We offer consulting and service for all stages of certification. We can help you to avoid problems, so that you can reach your get your certification in the quickest, most cost-efficient way, with the least amount of effort and capacities from your team.

Our wide range of service packages, we offer you the opportunity to conquer the Japanese market.

For Japan, we offer our services for the following certifications:



– Japanese Telecommunications and Radio Certification

– Energy Saving Label Program



– RoHS



Information about these certifications and our services for Japan can be found on our Japan Certification website.