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Business in the Republic of Korea’s market represents a great opportunity for international companies. However, the complicated regulations and strict monitoring by the national authorities often have often deterred many foreign manufacturers from entering.

Many product categories require a valid certification where tests according to Korean national regulations are required to show compliance to Korean standards and regulations. Existing certifications according to international standards are almost never accepted for the product certification.

Product certifications in South Korea require proper preparation application and supporting documentation, independent tracking of regulatory changes, and proven process for change management.

Regulations, regulatory changes and general information provided by the Korean authorities is usually only published in the Korean language. Violations of the regulations, intended or unintended, are strictly penalized by the local authorities and may lead to the loss of certifications or even a product ban.

Professional support ensures certification success! We would be happy to support you with your Korean certification needs. Our many years of experience, long-term relationships with the Korean certification authorities and Korean test labs have saved our clients time, effort and costs.

The MPR Korea Certification team will work with your team to expedite the certification process allowing your products to enter the Korean market sooner. We offer complete certification packages for the following certifications:

  • KC Certification / KC Safety (formerly KC Mark Certification):
    • Electronics
    • Household products
    • Products for children
  • KC EMC
  • KCs for machinery and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • KCs for explosion-proof components
  • KGS factory certification

If you are interested in a specific certification, please feel free to visit our MPR Korea Certification website or contact us directly. Our international team of certification experts will respond to your inquiry in 24 hours or less.

You can find more information on our MPR Korea Certification website